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Standard TFT Color Display


    Aptus TFT-LCD display modules are available in various sizes ranging from 1.3" to 15.6" TFT LCD, such as 2.4", 2.8", 3.5", 4.3", 5", and 7" TFT displays. These TFT LCD modules include TFT panels, TFT LCMs with controller boards, and TFT color displays.

    Aptus TFT displays come in a variety of graphic display resolutions, including:

    ·QVGA (320x240)

    ·WQVGA (480x272)

    ·VGA (640x480)

    ·WVGA (800x480)


    ·XGA (1024x768)

    ·WXGA (1280x800)

    ·FHD (1920x1080)

    Aptus offers many customized solutions and LCD screens with special sizes, including 5.1" (480x480), 7" (720x720), and 8.82" (768x768) TFT displays.

    Many of Aptus TFT display modules have more than one interface available, including MCU, RGB, TTL, and LVDS, as well as two touch panel options in resistive and capacitive technology.

    Aptus also produces wide operating temperature LCD displays, such as the 12.3" (-30℃~85℃) and 15.6" (-40℃~85℃), which are widely used in automotive and medical devices.

    For more information on our customized solutions and designs, please contact us.

Filter Results

Filter Results

√ Select Resolution Picture Model No. Size
Outline Dimension
Viewing Area
Active Area
Display Format Interface IC Part No. Control-Board Brightness
Recommended Touch Screen Detect Points
DBT104IIX30L5 10.4 238.6x175.8x6.5 213.43x160.42 210.4x157.8 IPS LVDS - available 500 ★★★ available 1 -30~80
DBT116BIU30E12 11.6 268x158x3.0 257.92x145.78 256.32x144.18 IPS EDP - available 1250 ★★★ available 1 -20~70
APS-C123HAX04.0-00 12.3 296.032x118.844x1.03 292.03x109.51 292.032x109.512 IPS LVDS - available 1200 ★★★ available 3+ -30~85
DBT156FHD30L10 15.6 363.8x215.9x11.9 347.06x196.49 344.16x193.59 IPS LVDS - available 1000 ★★★ available 3+ -40~85
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