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SLA 3D Printer Solution


    At Aptus, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality 3D printing products on the market. That's why we are proud to display our products under the registered trademark name "Duobond," making it easy for users to identify our brand and products.

    Our Duobond product line covers almost all 3D printing accessories, including high-resolution monochrome or RGB LCD screens in a range of sizes, from 5.5 inches to 15.6 inches. We also offer a 385nm-405nm UV parallel light source that has been certified with patent certificates. This ensures that our customers receive the best possible printing results and the highest level of quality.

    Furthermore, we collaborate with Vlare to provide operation boards and touch screens for seamless operation. This means that our customers can enjoy an easy-to-use and streamlined printing experience.

    At Aptus, we are committed to excellence and continuously strive to innovate and improve our products. We believe that our Duobond product line represents the best in 3D printing technology, and we are excited to continue providing our customers with high-quality products and exceptional service.

Filter Results

Filter Results

√ Select Display Format Picture Model No. Size
Outline Dimension
Active Area
Pixel pitch
View Angle Display colors Interface Control-Board Transmittance Recommended Temperature
LS055R1SX04 5.5 70.94×128.49×1.35 68.04×120.96 0.01575x0.04725 85/85/85/85 RGB MIPI available 2% -- -20~60
RV059FBB-N80 5.96 84.6×135.85×1.08 81x128 0.050x0.050 85/85/85/85 MONO MIPI available 6.4% ★★★ 0~70
DBT066MONO 6.6 154.36x99.1x1.22 143.43x189.6 0.035x0.035 85/85/85/85 MONO MIPI available ≥5% -- 0~70
TFTMD089030 8.9 197.60x129.60 192.0x120.0 0.075x0.075 85/85/85/85 RGB MIPI available - -- -20~60
DBT089TIU50M0 8.9 202x133x1.24 192x120 0.050x0.050 85/85/85/85 MONO MIPI available 5.4% -- -10~70
GS089FBB-N10-6HP0 8.9 202.0x133.0 192x120 0.050x0.050 85/85/85/85 MONO LVDS available 6.6% ★★★ -20~70
RV101FBB-N00 10.1 227.43x139.50x2.5 221.4×129.6 0.045x0.045 85/85/85/85 MONO EDP available 6% ★★★ 0~70
DBT101MONO 10.1 69.84x127.15x0.65 218.88x123.12 0.0285x0.0285 85/85/85/85 MONO EDP available ≥5% ★★★ 0~70
LQ125D1JW31 12.5 282.38x168.07x2.2 276.48x155.52 0.072x0.072 85/85/85/85 RGB EDP available - -- 0~50
DBT133TIU40E3 13.3 302.36×176.94×1.228 293.76×165.24 0.0765x0.0765 85/85/85/85 MONO EDP available 6% -- 0~60
GS133FBB-N10-6RA0 13.3 297.56x173.74 288.0x162.0 0.050x0.050 85/85/85/85 MONO EDP available 6.6% ★★★ -30~80
DBT136TIVO 13.6 302.36x176.94x1.16 298.08x165.60 0.046x0.046 85/85/85/85 MONO EDP available 9% ★★★ -20~70
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