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    Discover the power of our Industrial LCD Display series, designed to revolutionize the way you work. Boasting durability, adaptability, and superior performance, our displays are perfect for the most demanding industrial environments.

    Built to withstand harsh conditions, these rugged screens are dust, water, and shock-resistant, ensuring uninterrupted operation even in extreme settings. Enjoy crystal-clear visuals with high-resolution panels, delivering exceptional image quality and color accuracy.

    Featuring versatile connectivity options, our Industrial LCD Displays seamlessly integrate with a range of devices, simplifying workflow and increasing productivity. Trust our cutting-edge technology to transform your work experience today.

Filter Results

Filter Results

√ Select Resolution Picture Model No. Size.(inch) Outline Dimension (mm) Viewing Area (mm) Active Area (mm) Display Format Interface IC Part No. Control-Board Brightness (cd/m²) Recommended Touch Screen Detect Points (Finger) Temperature (°C)
DBT043HIV40R08 4.3 105.5x67.2x3.0 95.04x53.86 95.04x53.86 IPS RGB - available 800 ★★★ available 1 -30~85
DBT070AIV30L8-B 7 170.0x106.30x6.60 154.4x93.44 152.4x91.44 IPS LVDS - available 800 ★★★ available 1 -30~85
DBC070AIE60L05 7 150x150x5.1 127.82x127.82 125.82x125.82 IPS LVDS - available 1000 ★★★ available 1 -20~70
DBT133QH002S 1.3 179.4x179.6x11.85 160.2x160.2 158.4x158.4 IPS LVDS - available 1000 ★★★ available 1 -20~70
DBT101BIU40L12 10.1 236.0x142.1x3.4 223.4x125.71 223.488x125.712 IPS LVDS - available 1200 ★★★ available 1 -20~70
DBT116BIU30E12 11.6 268x158x3.0 257.92x145.78 23.4x23.4 IPS LVDS - available 1250 ★★★ available 1 -20~70
APS-C123HAX04.0-00 12.3 296.032x118.844x1.03 292.03x109.51 292.032x109.512 IPS LVDS - available 1200 ★★★ available 1 -30~85
DBT156FHD30L10 15.6 363.8x215.9x11.9 347.06x196.49 344.16x193.59 IPS LVDS - available 1000 ★★★ available 1 -40~85
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