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Wide Temperature/High Brightness TFT LCD


    Discover Aptus top-of-the-line Wide Temperature/High Brightness TFT LCDs, engineered to deliver exceptional performance in challenging environments. Featuring a wide operating temperature range and high brightness levels, these displays are designed to remain reliable and functional in diverse applications.

    Built with durability in mind, our Wide Temperature TFT LCDs can withstand extreme temperatures from -40°C to 85°C, making them perfect for outdoor installations, industrial settings, and transportation systems. Coupled with High Brightness technology, these displays offer exceptional visibility even under direct sunlight, with luminance levels up to 1500 cd/m².

    Choose from a variety of sizes and resolutions to find the perfect display for your project. Our commitment to quality ensures that you can trust our Wide Temperature/High Brightness TFT LCDs to perform consistently and maintain their vibrant colors, regardless of the conditions. Experience the difference and elevate your applications with our cutting-edge TFT LCDs.

    Explore our selection and find the perfect Wide Temperature/High Brightness TFT LCD to meet your needs. Trust in our expertise and experience the difference our displays make in extreme environments.

Filter Results

Filter Results

√ Select Resolution Picture Model No. Size.(inch) Outline Dimension (mm) Viewing Area (mm) Active Area (mm) Display Format Interface IC Part No. Control-Board Brightness (cd/m²) Recommended Touch Screen Detect Points (Finger) Temperature (°C)
DBT043HIV40R08 4.3 105.5x67.2x3.0 95.04x53.86 95.04x53.86 IPS RGB - available 800 ★★★ available 1 -30~85
DBT070AIV30L8-B 7 170.0x106.30x6.60 154.4x93.44 152.4x91.44 IPS LVDS - available 800 ★★★ available 1 -30~85
DBC070AIE60L05 7 150x150x5.1 127.82x127.82 125.82x125.82 IPS LVDS - available 1000 ★★★ available 1 -20~70
DBC088HIX60L01 8.82 179.4x179.6x11.85 160.2x160.2 158.4x158.4 IPS LVDS ST7789 available 1000 ★★★ available 1 -20~70
DBT101BIU40L12 10.1 236.0x142.1x3.4 223.4x125.71 223.488x125.712 IPS LVDS - available 1200 ★★★ available 1 -20~70
DBT116BIU30E12 11.6 268x158x3.0 257.92x145.78 256.32x144.18 IPS EDP - available 1250 ★★★ available 1 -20~70
APS-C123HAX04.0-00 12.3 296.032x118.844x1.03 292.03x109.51 292.032x109.512 IPS LVDS - available 1200 ★★★ available 1 -30~85
DBT156FHD30L10 15.6 363.8x215.9x11.9 347.06x196.49 344.16x193.59 IPS LVDS - available 1000 ★★★ available 1 -40~85
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