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Bar Type/Square/Round TFT LCD


    Aptus Bar Type TFT LCD displays provide an elongated aspect ratio, perfect for transportation, automotive, and digital signage industries. Their slim design offers seamless integration and enhances user experience.

    Explore our collection of Square TFT LCD displays, designed to deliver crisp visuals and vibrant colors. These versatile displays cater to industrial control systems, medical equipment, and home automation solutions, fitting seamlessly into various product designs.

    Last but not least, our Round TFT LCD displays bring a touch of modern sophistication. With their unique shape, they're ideal for smart wearables, IoT devices, and consumer electronics, providing an innovative edge to your products.

    Experience superior quality and unmatched performance with our diverse TFT LCD selection. Let's elevate your projects together. Don't hesitate to contact us for any inquiries, and our expert team will be happy to assist you!

Filter Results

Filter Results

√ Select Resolution Picture Model No. Size.(inch) Outline Dimension (mm) Viewing Area (mm) Active Area (mm) Display Format Interface IC Part No. Control-Board Brightness (cd/m²) Recommended Touch Screen Detect Points (Finger) Temperature (°C)
TM034XDZP02 3.4 96.6 x 99.0 x 2.45 - 87.6 ×87.6 IPS MIPI ILI9881C available 380 -- not available -- -20~70
DBT133QH002S 5 136.531x132.208x1.98 - 127.008 ×127.008 IPS MIPI - available 350 ★★★ not available -- -20~60
DBT051AIV50RC05 5 106.0x106.0x6.15 91.74x91.74 91.44x91.44 IPS RGB - available 500 available 1 -10~60
DBC070AIE60L05 7 150x150x5.1 127.82x127.82 125.82x125.82 IPS LVDS - available 550 ★★★ available 1 -20~70
DBC088HIX60L01 8.82 179.4x179.6x11.85 160.2x160.2 158.4x158.4 IPS MIPI - available 120 ★★★ available 1 -20~70
DBT073TEN40L05 7.3 192.20x54.00x4.80 - 180x42 TN LVDS - available 600 ★★★ available 1 -20~70
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