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8.82" LVDS square TFT LCD display(768x768)

Model No. DBC088HIX60L01


►Resolution : 768x768 dots

►View Direction : ALL o`clock

►Interface : LVDS

►IC Part No : --

►Control-Board : Yes


►Frame Through Hole: No

►Touch Screen : No

►Operating Temperature : -20~70℃


Aptus LVDS IPS 8.82" TFT LCD Display

DBC088HIX60L01  is a 8.82 inch IPS TTL TFT LCD display module, resolution 768x768 pixels. This 8.82" TFT display supports LVDS interface, supply voltage (VDD) range is from 3V to 3.6V, with brightness 1000 nits (typical value), contrast ratio 900.

This 8.82 inch LVDS TFT LCD Display is portrait mode with IPS (In-Plane Switching) Panel which having the advantages of wider viewing angle of Left:85 / Right:85 / Up:85 / Down:85 degree (typical) . It is ideal for automotive devices, medical devices, etc. This module can be operating at temperatures from -20℃ to 70℃; its storage temperatures range from -30℃ to 80℃.





LCM PIN Definition

Pin NO.SymbolDescriptionRemark
1AGNDAnalog ground
2AVDDAnalog power
3DVDDDigital power
4GNDDigital ground
5VCOMNot connect
6DVDDDigital power
7GNDDigital ground
8V14Not connect
9V13Not connect
V12Not connect
11V11Not connect
12V10Not connect
13V9Not connect
14V8Not connect
15GNDDigital ground
17GNDDigital ground
18PIND3Positive LVDS differential data input
19NIND3Negative LVDS differential data input
20GNDDigital ground
21PINCPositive LVDS differential clock input
NINCNegative LVDS differential clock input
23GNDDigital ground
24PIND2Positive LVDS differential data input
25NIND2Negative LVDS differential data input
26GNDDigital ground
27PIND1Positive LVDS differential data input
28NIND1Negative LVDS differential data input
29GNDDigital ground
30PIND0Positive LVDS differential data input
31NIND0Negative LVDS differential data input
32GNDDigital ground
34GRBGlobal reset pin. Active low to enter reset state. Suggest to connecting with an RC reset circuit for stability. Normally pull high. (R=10KΩ,C=0.1uF)
35STBYBStandby mode,normally pull high STBYB= 1, normal operation STBYB=0 ,timing control, source driver will turn off, all output are high-Z
36SHLRLeft or right display control
37DVDDDigital power
38UPDNUp / down display control
39AGNDAnalog ground
40AVDDAnalog power
41VCOMNot connect
42DITHDithering function enable control.Normally pull low DITHER= "1",Enable internal dithering function DITHER= "0",Disable internal dithering function
43GNDDigital ground
44DVDDDigital Power
45GNDDigital ground
46V7Not connect
47V6Not connect
48V5Not connect
49V4Not connect
50V3Not connect
51V2Not connect
52V1Not connect
53GNDDigital ground
54DVDDDigital power
55SELB6bit/8bit mode select, SELB = “0”, LVDS input data is 8bits SELB = “1”: LVDS input data is 6bits
56VGHPositive power for TFT
57DVDDDigital power for Gate IC
58VGLNegative power for TFT
59GNDDigital ground for Gate IC
60NCNot connect

General Specifications

Outline Dimension179.4 (H)x179.6(V)x11.85 (D) (Typ)mm
Display area158.4(H) x 158.4(V) (8.82” diagonal)mm
Number of Pixel768(H) x 768(V)pixels
Pixel pitch0.20625(H) x 0.20625(V)mm
Pixel arrangementRGB Vertical Stripe
Display modeNormally Black
Surface treatmentAntiglare, Hard-Coating (3H)

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Operating TemperatureTOP-20-70
Storage TemperatureTST-30-80

Electrical Characteristics

Operating conditions

Supply VoltageVDD

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