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How to choose a suitable LCD screen?

How to choose a suitable LCD screen?

A high-bright LCD screen is a liquid crystal screen with high brightness and contrast. It can provide better viewing vision under strong ambient light. The ordinary LCD screen is generally not easy to see the image under strong light. Let me tell you what's the difference between a high-bright LCD and an ordinary LCD.

1-The high-bright LCD screen requires a long time to work, and the diversity of the environment and the temperature change are large. Therefore, high contrast, durability and stability have become indispensable characteristics of industrial LCD screens.

2-High-bright LCD screen’s brightness from 700 to 2000cd. However, the general consumer only has 500cd / ㎡, the backlight life of the high-bright LCD screen can reach 100,000 hours, and the ordinary LCD screen can only be used for 30,000-50,000 hours; the ambient temperature of the bright LCD screen ranges from -30 degrees to 80 degrees, and ordinary LCD screen from 0 to 50 degrees.

3-In addition, the high-bright LCD screen also has the advantages of anti-vibration and anti-electromagnetic interference, energy saving and environmental protection, wide viewing angle and far sight distance, which are also incomparable with ordinary LCD screens.

4-The specific brightness still depends on the application of the product. If it is only used indoors to provide a display function, then the brightness only needs ordinary brightness and the cost is cheaper.


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