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What is the difference between TN and IPS?

What is the difference between TN and IPS?


TN panel is called Twisted Nematic panel.


Easy to produce and cheap price .


①Touch produces Water Pattern.

②The visual Angle is not enough, if you want to achieve a larger perspective, you need to use a compensation films to compensate.

③Narrow color gamut, poor restoration ability, unnatural transitions, and narrow viewing angles,

④The display will be slightly white.

⑤Early products even had problems with drag and ghosting.

IPS is an abbreviation of In-plane Switching, which means flat Switching screen technology.



①The viewing Angle of the IPS hard panel can reach 178 degrees.It means the picture looks the same when viewed from the front or from the side.

②Color is true and accurate.

③The response speed is fast, the motion track of IPS screen is more delicate and clear, and the problem of image dragging and shaking is solved.

④Have more clear and delicate dynamic display effect.

⑤Energy conservation and environmental protection.

⑥Touch without water pattern.

⑦IPS hard screen LCD TV can perform dynamic HD images well,especially suitable for motion image reproduction without residual shadow and trailing. It is an ideal carrier for watching digital HD images, especially fast motion pictures, such as competitions, racing games and action movies. Due to the unique horizontal molecular structure of IPS hard screen, it is very stable without water marks, shadows and flashes when touched, so it is extremely suitable for TV and public display devices with touch function.



①Price high

②Due to the horizontal arrangement of liquid crystal molecules in IPS screens, the viewing Angle is increased while the light penetration is reduced. In order to better display bright colors, the luminescence of backlight is increased, so the light leakage phenomenon is very common in IPS screens. With the enlargement of the screen, the large area of edge light leakage has always been the criticism of IPS


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