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What is eDP interface and its characteristics?

LCD Screen Purchasing Guide: Understanding eDP and LVDS Interfaces?

1.eDP Definition

eDP is Embedded DisplayPort,It is an internal digital interface based on the DisplayPort architecture and protocol.For tablet computers,laptops,all-in-one computers,and future new large-screen high-resolution mobile phones,eDP will replace LVDS in the future.

2.eDP and LVDS compare the differences


Now take an LG display LM240WU6 as an example to reflect the advantages of eDP in transmission:

LM240WU6:WUXGA level resolution is 1920×1200,24-bit color depth,16,777,216 colors, With the traditional LVDS drive,you need 20lanes,and with eDP you need only 4Lanes


3-eDP advantages:

The microchip structure enables simultaneous transmission of multiple data.

Larger transmission rate, 4lanes up to 21.6Gbps

The smaller size, 26.3 mm wide and 1.1 mm high, favors the product’s thinness

No LVDS conversion circuit,simplified design

Small EMI (Electromagnetic interference)

Powerful copyright protection features


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