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7inch replace Innolux LW700AT9309 LCD Display (800x480)

Model No. DBT700AT9309


►Resolution : 800x480 dots

►View Direction : ALL o`clock

►Interface : TTL

►IC Part No : --

►Control-Board : Yes


►Frame Through Hole: No

►Touch Screen : No

►Operating Temperature : -20~70℃

It can directly replace Innolux LW700AT9309.Exactly the same PIN definition.


Aptus TTL IPS 7" TFT Display

DBT700AT9309 is a 7 inch IPS TTL TFT LCD display module, resolution 800x480 pixels. This 7" TFT display supports TTL interface, supply voltage (VCC) range is from 3.1V to 3.5V, with brightness 350 nits (typical value), contrast ratio 1000.

This 7 inch TTL TFT LCD Display is portrait mode with IPS (In-Plane Switching) Panel which having the advantages of wider viewing angle of Left:80 / Right:80 / Up:80 / Down:80 degree (typical) . It is ideal for automotive devices, medical devices, etc. This module can be operating at temperatures from -20℃ to 70℃; its storage temperatures range from -30℃ to 80℃.





LCM PIN Definition

Pin No.SymbolDescriptionRemark
GNDPower Ground
2GNDPower Ground
3NCNot Connect
4VccPower Supply for Digital Circuit
5VccPower Supply for Digital Circuit
6VccPower Supply for Digital Circuit
7VccPower Supply for Digital Circuit
8NCNot Connect
9DEData Enable
10GNDPower Ground
11GNDPower Ground
12GNDPower Ground
13B5Blue Data 5 (MSB)
14B4Blue Data 4
15B3Blue Data 3
16GNDPower Ground
17B2Blue Data 2
18B1Blue Data 1
19B0Blue Data 0 (LSB)
20GNDPower Ground
21G5Green Data 5 (MSB)
22G4Green Data 4
23G3Green Data 3
24GNDPower Ground
25G2Green Data 2
26G1Green Data 1
27G0Green Data 0 (LSB)
28GNDPower Ground
29R5Red Data 5 (MSB)
30R4Red Data 4
31R3Red Data 3
32GNDPower Ground
33R2Red Data 2
34R1Red Data 1
35R0Red Data 0 (LSB)
36GNDPower Ground
37GNDPower Ground
38DCLKClock Signals ; Latch Data at the Falling Edge
39GNDPower Ground
40GNDPower Ground
General Specifications
1LCD size7.0(Diagonal) inch
2Driver elementa-Si TFT active matrix
4Display modeNormally black
5Dot pitch0.0635(W)X0.1905(H)mm
6Active area152.4 (W)X91.44 (H) mm
7Module size165(W)X104.09(H)X5.3 (D)mm
8Surface treatmentAnti-Glare
9Color arrangementRGB-stripe
10InterfaceDigital (TTL)
11Backlight power consumption2.5(Typ.)W
12Panel power consumption0.66(Typ.)

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Operating TemperatureTOP-20-70
Storage TemperatureTST-30-80

Electrical Characteristics

Operating conditions

Supply VoltageVCC3.13.33.5V
Current consumptionICC
LED driving conditions

LED currentILED-
LED voltageVLED99.59.9V
LED Life Time-20,000--Hr
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